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WaterSpot is the most powerful water spot and mineral stain removal and rejuvenation technology available.

American Engineered and the top selling glass restore product available you won’t be disappointment with the results.

Best results are obtained by using a small power drill and our scrub restore pad, but a hand restore is fine.


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* WHOLESALE * Sound Product – Excellent Margins – Repeat Business

Water Spot has become Americas best known glass mineral stain remover because it WORKS!

Customer satisfaction has been the driver behind Water Spot sales and returning client sales have driven an unprecedented consumption and rocketing sales growth for key retailers across America.

You can now include Water Spot USA on your shelves and offer it as a real workable and proven product for your core clientele. To approved buyers only.


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Used by us commercially since 2005

Water Spot Paste has been used by us for well over 10 years! Thousands of Glass Shower Doors have been returned to clean, saving the owners considerable cost not having to replace with new!

Marine and Boat, Bus Windows

Search ‘Water Stain Doctor’ on google and You Tube. There you will find dozens of video clips showing you Before, During and After some of our large scale restoration contracts… ALL of these using WATER SPOT base ingredient


Our in field Licensed sister company ‘ The Water Stain Doctor’ has been utilizing the base technology of WaterSpot for over 12 years.
it simply WORKS! Where all other retail ‘wonder products just fail to deliver acceptable results!
Your retail customers will be happy, your sales will quickly increase, and your store thru traffic volume will benefit.

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WaterSpot Sales 14'-17'

WaterSpot USA has experienced unprecedented sales growth within the USA domestic market.

Australasia now has access to this amazing restoration paste technology


Up to114% cheaper than (RR) Retail On-Sell price

It is a costly venture bringing WaterSpot into the Australasian market place. We are NOT going to limit the access and supply to only one giant mega retailer… our vision is to offer and supply to a solid mix of honest market respected hardware retailers. Average retail margin is over 80% (conditions apply)


Glass Restortion Success Rate

Having used WaterSpot base in our larger sister business “The Water Stain Doctor” with huge success and in many countries and regions, he commercial use and technique of obtaining best results are well and truly in place! Both Video Instruction AND written support a customers own restoration process


Our In Field Failure Rate

The Water Stain Doctor has been restoring – Marine Vessel Glass windows – Commercial Bus and Coach Glass – Motor Car and Public Trains – Airport Bus fleet Glass along with thousands of shower glass panels… for well over 10 years now.. with very few ‘unacceptable’ outcomes (by our standard)