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Water Spot Australasia (Australia – New Zealand & Pacific)

PO Box 2321, Frankton Mail Centre, Queenstown, 9403, NEW ZEALAND

PHONE Orders: +64 34217788 / Mobile Cell (Biz Hrs) +64 21799922

NEW ZEALAND Free Phone: 0800744784

AUSTRALIA Free Phone: 1800738893

Email: / WhatsAPP: Phil Andrew NZ

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WaterSpot is a brand originating from the United States - Copyright © All right reserved. Australia and New Zealand and the Pacific - Exclusive Supplier under license is The Water Stain Doctor Global - PO Box 2321, Frankton, Queenstown, NEW ZEALAND. PH: 0800744784 (NZ) - PH: 1800738893 (AUST) ALL Orders bulk commercial and DIY -