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Email is super convenient but can take us a day to 3 days or more to respond to. We are also out in the field using WaterSpot to restore customers residential and Commercial Investments

Please keep your emails brief and to the point. Chances are we have had the same questions asked before, and we do have quick response templates loaded for this precise reason.


Contact By Phone

We have FREE PHONE numbers for both Australia and New Zealand. We try to answer 100% of calls Monday to Friday during normal business hours. Weekends, we are genuinely out exploring the mountains and living, which I why we chose to live in one of the most beautiful location on Earth.. Queenstown, NZ.

AUST FREE:    1800 738893

NZ FREE:         0800 744784

Cell (Orders):  +64 21799922

Over the phone personal Orders welcome

Just ORDER now


Often we simply receive orders unannounced and unexpected which is perfect! If we have done our job properly and proficiently and given you all the information you need to believe in this amazing product the same way we do, then you will simply order!

Just do this thru the Secure Credit Card Check OUT SHOP process.

You do NOT need a Pay Pal account.. at all. 

Just click on the PAY with Credit Card option in the Shop Payment Portal….Its the worlds most trusted and secure International interface for paying for goods and services. We have used it since 2007, with not one issue… at all!

If we need to adjust or communicate briefly with you for delivery and or freight reasons, we will do so smartly and with minimal fuss.