Wholesale Bulk On-Seller Supply

WaterSpot supplies to BOTH the DIY Residential Home user, AND the commercial wholesale On-SELL Retail and Hardware outlet.

There are generous margins for an on-seller to exploit, and the larger a * bulk carton/ ** multi carton wholesale order, the greater the margins. WaterSpot (America) does NOT supply OUTSIDE of the United States.

We are your EXCLUSIVE bulk supply contact for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region

Please complete the basic request form below, and send to us. We will make contact with you within a few working days

Person whom is authorized to place an order
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A physical address for delivery and signature for receiving your carton or multi carton product order.
Phone calls are always more efficient for finer details than email
For all order and invoice correspondence
Water Spot is available in both 250ml and 500ml Bottles. Either Blank unlabelled, OR branded with Water Spot USA labelling.
Please select your preferred preference, or use the Additional Product Order information section in this contact form. ** Cartons contain 12 bottle units in each
WaterSpot is a brand originating from the United States - Copyright © All right reserved. Australia and New Zealand and the Pacific - Exclusive Supplier under license is The Water Stain Doctor Global - PO Box 2321, Frankton, Queenstown, NEW ZEALAND. PH: 0800744784 (NZ) - PH: 1800738893 (AUST) ALL Orders bulk commercial and DIY - orders@waterspot.co.nz